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We are non-governmental organization «The Voices of Spring». Our activity has begun in the spring 2007 from the organization of several musical meetings in Panjakent district of Tajikistan. We consider that music makes happy and helps to representatives of different cultures and generations to find common language.

We keep videorecordings of our meetings. Participants of meetings receive DVD with these records and use it by preparation for next musical holidays. It’s us to choose what to sing, and we sing only that we like. We have no ratings and a competition because everyone has the talent. And we want, that each participant opens his talent, - then all become richer.

Name of our website is Panjrud. This is the name of the native kishlak of the founder of Tajik poetry A. Rudaki (860 – 941). Panjrud means five sources. Five sources of our development are

  • classic poetry,
  • folk music,
  • rural musicians who have preserved this poetry and music to our days
  • singing children and youth,
  • love and support of our viewers.

Site presents our videorecordings, our creativity. Feel atmosphere of our meetings - enjoy and sing together with us.

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