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I'll Be Back, 2018


The movie is devoted to the relationship of the center and periphery in a crisis. Outlying village is in a crisis situation caused by a natural cataclysm: on the eve of winter the inhabitants are threatened with complete isolation. They decide to seek help from the central government. To this end, the residents of the village send a young singer to the capital. After talking with many officials, he comes to the conclusion that only one person can provide real support to his village. The young man tries to meet with the main ruler in an informal atmosphere. Thanks to his musical talent, he succeeds. At the meeting, it turns out that the center does not have the necessary resources to overcome the crisis, which suddenly reaches the capital itself. The singer returns to his village. The role of the main ruler is performed by a professional actor; the remaining roles are played by villagers and students from villages. Making this film can be viewed as an art therapy for a rural community in a crisis.

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